In-House Challenges

If you keep looking for a solution to your in-house challenges, it may help to get a fresh view. Contact us, we might be able to shed some light on your challenges.

The current business environment may have tipped the balance against you. To get back on track, contact us. We’ll be on your side.

Fulfillment Isn’t Going Out Quickly Enough

It’s a marketing truism that “the faster you fulfill a request, the more likely a person is to become your customer.” Yet company after company spends its precious marketing budget to attract customers and prospects … then drops the ball when it comes to fulfilling requests and servicing their customers.

At TMP Direct, we have staff whose first responsibility is to get your literature out correctly and quickly. It’s also their job to manage your literature inventory, so we don’t run out of your materials. In fact, we fulfill 98% of all fulfillment requestsin less than24 hours with 99.9% accuracy.

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