In-House Challenges

If you keep looking for a solution to your in-house challenges, it may help to get a fresh view. Contact us, we might be able to shed some light on your challenges.

The current business environment may have tipped the balance against you. To get back on track, contact us. We’ll be on your side.

You Can’t Keep Up With Emails

A prospect’s or customer’s email is just as important as their phone call. It needs to be answered promptly and accurately.

Working from a knowledgebase of information that we develop together with your company, TMP Direct answers emails within 24 hours, usually less. We can also fulfill literature requests or dealer location inquires via email within 24 hours or less.

When we manage your email, it’s handled byour customer service representatives,(1) whose first responsibility is to answer your messages quickly and accurately and (2) who have been extensively trained in the particular skills of responding in writing via email.

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