In-House Challenges

If you keep looking for a solution to your in-house challenges, it may help to get a fresh view. Contact us, we might be able to shed some light on your challenges.

The current business environment may have tipped the balance against you. To get back on track, contact us. We’ll be on your side.

Will An Outsourced Call Center Be As Knowledgeable

Training is a very collaborative process at TMP Direct. You never lose control over how our Customer Service representatives respond because you’re an integral part of the development of the knowledgebase screens that our CSRs use to address phone and email inquiries.

Continuing quality of call handling is assured by the fact that you review calls with us, on whatever ongoing schedule you desire.

In addition, if there are certain topics or certain categories of callers you’d prefer to handle in-house, we can seamlessly transfer those calls to your company. The vast majority of callers will never know they’ve been speaking with an outsourced call center.