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Cold calling best practices

Cold calling best practices

No one likes making cold calls … it’s hard work, it’s filled with rejection, and it can be downright depressing. But cold calling is critical to the success of virtually every business, so understanding and implementing a few best practices can help make the process more productive, more enjoyable (yes, it can sometimes actually be enjoyable), and deliver a better ROI.

Here are a few key points that should help boost your results.

Its a job not a hobby. You cant do it just when you get the time. The most successful cold callers make time i.e. they pick a day or days and blocks of time during which cold calls are the only thing they do. Don’t let anything interrupt or distract you from making your calls. This requires discipline, but it becomes a habit after a while.

Develop a process that enables you to:

Capture Data You’ll want the tombstone information (e.g., name/ title of the decision maker, email address, level of interest, purchase timeframe) that forms the basic data points of every prospect record. You’ll also want to be able to update this data, record actions taken (such as sending a thank you letter or emailing literature), and append data from outside sources.

Nurture Prospects Not every prospect you speak with the first time is going to be ready to buy now. Many will have no interest, but some will indicate that although now is not the right time, they’d welcome re-contact in a month, two months, six months, etc.

Your system should be able to remind you to follow up with a prospect at the appropriate time. By following a nurturing process, you’ll move some of your prospects further along toward a purchase.

Measure Results The final result of all your contacts with all your prospects should be tracked and recorded. Its the only way to evaluate how well your cold calling lead generation program is performing. Unless you have outsourced this entire process to a company that specializes in sales lead generation (like TMP Direct), you’ll need to have a realistic assessment of your true lead generation costs. For instance, you’ll need to assign a dollar cost to the time you and/or other members of your organization have spent on cold calling and lead generation. You’ll also want to include the cost of literature mailed or emailed, lead generation software, the cost of purchased call lists, etc.

Evaluate ROI Once you have measured your results, the next step is to calculate and evaluate the ROI. Your time and money are both valuable and limited resources, so they should only be allocated to the components of your sales lead generation program that produce an ROI acceptable to your business model. You may find out, for instance, that certain purchased lead lists are better than others, that cold calls during a particular time of year work best for some of your products, or that mailed literature works better than the same literature sent via email.

Change Your Process to Maximize Results Every cold calling/sales lead generation program should be dynamic. By measuring results and evaluating ROI, you will be able to fine-tune the process. On an ongoing basis you must eliminate what has proven to be unproductive, while retaining and expanding what has delivered the required ROI.

Remember, there’s no one magical thing you can do that will produce a successful, cold calling lead generation program. Its a combination of consistent, continuous actions that produce a successful outcome when they’re implemented together.

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Posted May 12th, 2012 in Newsletters.