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Our success stems from this philosophy: Every contact with your prospects and customers is an opportunity to nurture the relationship and help your company grow.

Throughout the relationship, we are listening and adapting to the needs of our Clients.

TMP Direct Customer Service Reps receive over 100 hours of training each year. This means that their knowledge of your products and their customer service expertise continues to grow.

Our Customer Service Reps will think like you, act like you and be part of the culture of your company.

It’s a seamless process… we are an extension of your organization.

We celebrate great service. A generous incentive program is only one of the many ways we develop excellent CSRs.

TMP Direct’s many services help you unlock the full potential of every contact — whether it comes by phone, email, mobile or the web.

As your partner, we are always searching for the best sales and customer relationship opportunities with every contact.

Cut costly seconds off calls

Cut costly seconds off calls

What is TMP Insight

Now TMP Direct can know up to 100 data points about your callers before we pick up the phone.

In less time than it takes for the phone to ring once, we can use the caller’s phone number to tap into a database of over 215 million land line-based records and 60 million cell phone-based records.

The database provides a wide variety of demographic and lifestyle data that are instantly available to our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs), including:

  • Name and address at the individual and household level
  • Financial indicators, such as credit risk, spending assessment, estimated income, home purchase date, presence of credit card, mortgage info and more
  • Dwelling type
  • Education level
  • Presence and age range of children
  • Presence of pets
  • Ethnicity/diversity insights
  • Propensity to buy upscale merchandise, male merchandise, female merchandise, books, specialty foods, magazines, and many more purchase categories
  • Interest categories, including do-it-yourselfers, philanthropic causes supported and political affiliations, travelers, gardeners, exercise enthusiasts, outdoor enthusiasts and many others
  • A green assessment identifies consumers with an interest in the environment
  • And there’s an assessment of the caller’s likelihood to respond to a targeted offer

The benefits of having this data:

  • It shaves costly seconds (20+ seconds on average) off each call, which saves money. The amount of money you save depends on the number of calls received, but one company says the service pays for itself in the first 72 hours of each month.
  • It significantly reduces costly data entry errors, because instead of asking for (and typing) caller-supplied information, our CSRs merely confirm the data supplied by TMP Insight. This is less time-consuming for callers, and allows our CSRs to concentrate on providing excellent service rather than data entry.
  • It lets us route your call to CSRs with the most appropriate training or skills and even lets us use the most appropriate script. For instance, callers from a certain area may get a geography-specific offer, or do-it-yourselfers might be directed to a CSR who’s been trained on installation or troubleshooting aspects of your product.
  • It helps us sell your products better because we can, for example, use caller data to determine which products to cross sell or decide whether to email an inexpensive fulfillment package to a so-so prospect or a higher-cost package to a hot prospect.

In short, we can identify your better prospects and better customers before we say “hello” and handle their inquiries in the way that’s most likely to result in loyalty, satisfaction, or a new sale.

Caller data can also be analyzed on the back end, to give you a better picture of who responds to your campaigns, packaging, and other marketing activities.

What results can you expect from TMP Insight

Results vary by client, objectives and call volume, but these are not atypical results:

  • Increase sales conversions by 15% or more
  • Shave 20+ seconds or more off each call
  • Increase call center capture rate of caller data by 50%

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Posted October 11th, 2011 in Newsletters.