Our People

“Customer service people are a company’s eye’s and ears. They’re an irreplaceable source of essential marketing insights.” Dan Collins, President

“You will not regret working with us. We do as good a job as anyone — and much better than most.” George Eisele, Chief Executive

“Our operations team focuses on process efficiencies bringing value and savings to our clients.” Mike Doherty, Operations Manager

“This is a great group of people at TMP Direct. We’re like a family.” Amy Rucker, Director Client Services

“We are very proud that to maintain an attrition rate that is less than half of the industry.” Tiffany Dechant, Contact Center Manager

“Our approach to outbound is very strategic; this is why we have clients that have turned to us for outbound support for over 18 years.” Vivienne Reise, Contact Center Manager

“One of the most impressive things about TMP Direct is that everyone places a very high value on doing jobs well.” Bob Curtis, IT Director

“Our very low rate of employee turnover is one of the reasons why we’re able to provide consistently high quality service.” Mary Ann Kerr, VP Client Operations

Mary Ann Kerr, Senior Vice President

Senior Vice President – Client Operations

Q.? How did you get into this field?

A.?? I have two marketing degrees from Seton Hall, including an MBA.? TMP Direct was my first job.? I took an entry level job in client services.? Over 20+ years, I?ve managed every department and enjoyed the ever-changing challenges and opportunities.

Q.? What’s the best thing about TMP Direct

A.?? It’s the people.? And I’ve known many of them for over 15 years. We don’t have a lot of turnover and we try to make this a fair, comfortable working environment for everyone who’s willing to embrace our objective of providing excellent service.? My philosophy is to create an environment in which our people can excel. This results in excellent retention and satisfaction.

Q.? What changes have you seen in the customer care industry over the years?

A.?? One thing is that both clients and consumers have grown more sophisticated about how customer care should work.? Customers are more savvy now, they’re more demanding.? They know what they want and they’re not afraid to take their business to the company that treats them best. The levels of expectation around speed of service, remuneration and expertise have risen dramatically with the onset of social media and mobile communication channels.

Q.? What changes would you like to see in the customer service industry?

A.?? The change I’d most like to see applies to all businesses, not just those involved in customer care.? I wish companies were more focused on doing good.? I’d like to see more company-supported volunteering, more donations.? TMP Direct supports numerous local and other charities and I think that’s very important.

Off my high horse, I think we should be careful of the trend toward self service. For certain product types, a relationship based solely on web content will be insufficient to building brand loyalty and value.

Q.? What do you do in your spare time?

A.?? With two children ? a daughter and a son who are 14 and 10, respectively? I don’t have much spare time!? I’m a big sports spectator, especially watching my children.? I love basketball.? March Madness is my favorite time of year.

Q.? Can you tell us more about your family?

A.?? I come from a large family; 6 married siblings and 12 nieces and nephews. My parents instilled the priorities of faith, family, education and work ethic. My husband, Bob, really married into quite a crew! We all see each other regularly and enjoy tears and laughter together.