Our Services

TMP Direct’s many services help you unlock the full potential of every contact — whether it comes by phone, email, or the Internet.

We delivered over 2 million sales leads to our clients‘ sales channels last year. TMP Direct handles over 2 million pre- and post-purchase inbound calls per year.

Our outbound call center is so successful that we have literally exceeded a client’s sales goals by $1 million (Read a case study). Plus, we’ve found qualified leads in databases that other groups felt had already been exhausted.

TMP Direct specializes in “White Glove” customer care services, delivered by mature, highly trained career customer service representatives and backed by a staff of passionate customer care experts and IT professionals.

Fulfillment is promptly and accurately picked, packed and shipped by experienced staff. 95% of all pieces are out the door in 24 hours with a 99.8% accuracy rate. Read a case study.

TMP Direct gives you a leg up on the competition by achieving a 90% first contact resolution rate with email, which maximizes customer satisfaction and minimizes customer care costs.

If your IT department has other priorities, you can rely on TMP Direct to build the web capabilities that unlock new opportunities.

E-Mail & Chat

Allowing customers to talk to you via their preferred communication channel is a best practice in our industry. To that end, we have engrained email, chat, and mobile channels into our services. Our i3 Interactive Intelligence unified messaging system allows emails and chats to queue and route to agents using work group and skill assignments, similar to phone calls.

All interactions are recorded and used as part of our quality assurance program.


Generally, TMP Direct uses a subset of phone agents to handle email requests. Customer expectations on response time continue to rise. TMP Direct responds to 95% of emails within 24 hours with a personalized, resolving response – not an automated thank you.


Many of our Clients offer chat to website visitors to answer questions during a purchase consideration or to supplement FAQs. Some consider our chat a critical part of the sales lead qualification process. Our agents are trained to utilize standard responses, direct chatters to useful links or answer questions using a fully developed knowledge base of product information.


As the newest channel of communication develops, TMP Direct is working closely with our clients and partners to integrate the best technologies and practices to help our Clients satisfy their customers expectations and protect their brands.