Our Services

TMP Direct’s many services help you unlock the full potential of every contact — whether it comes by phone, email, or the Internet.

We delivered over 2 million sales leads to our clients‘ sales channels last year. TMP Direct handles over 2 million pre- and post-purchase inbound calls per year.

Our outbound call center is so successful that we have literally exceeded a client’s sales goals by $1 million (Read a case study). Plus, we’ve found qualified leads in databases that other groups felt had already been exhausted.

TMP Direct specializes in “White Glove” customer care services, delivered by mature, highly trained career customer service representatives and backed by a staff of passionate customer care experts and IT professionals.

Fulfillment is promptly and accurately picked, packed and shipped by experienced staff. 95% of all pieces are out the door in 24 hours with a 99.8% accuracy rate. Read a case study.

TMP Direct gives you a leg up on the competition by achieving a 90% first contact resolution rate with email, which maximizes customer satisfaction and minimizes customer care costs.

If your IT department has other priorities, you can rely on TMP Direct to build the web capabilities that unlock new opportunities.

Sales Support

Bottom line, you’re looking for more sales.TMP Direct supports the sales process by:

(1) Qualifying leads. We capture and provide to your sales channels essential data on customer and prospect leads that come to us via the phone, internet, email, reader service cards, warranty cards, or BRCs. We do this quickly so that your company is making contact while interest is hottest. We deliver the lead to the right sales channel, whether that’s a retailer, dealer, distributor, or your internal sales force.

(2) Feeding your sales channels with the data and materials they need to close sales. Our marketing materials program, for instance, enables your sales channel to quickly and easily order literature, promotional items and point-of-purchase materials. We pick, pack, and ship marketing material orders within 24 to 48 hours ensuring that your sales channel always has selling materials on hand.

Comprehensive reports on sales lead activity and marketing material requests are provided to you regularly, enabling you to closely monitor each program.

We also offer:

  • Dealer locator services (hosted or web service)
  • Lead capture services
  • Web and other types of surveys