Need a Partner Change?

A square peg does not fit into a round hole. You can make it fit, but it won’t work. If your outsourcer is the square peg, contact us to see how we are a fit.

Every customer interaction can unlock new opportunities. If your current outsourcer does not have the key to unlock your customer potential, contact us, we have the key.

Need a Partner Change?

Change should not be viewed as a burden. Change is the basis for innovation…creativity…and improvement.

Since 1986, TMP Direct has been helping Clients effect change. Our proven implementation process provides Clients with a smooth and seamless transition from your current vendor.

TMP Direct has worked with hundreds of companies to manage the transition of their programs to our environment. We take the term, “Partner” seriously. Through a proactive account management process and creative training strategy, we become an extension of your company and your culture.Explore the challenges listed here that other Clients have experienced that drove them to make a change. If youhave challenges that you want to discuss,please contact us.