Need a Partner Change?

A square peg does not fit into a round hole. You can make it fit, but it won’t work. If your outsourcer is the square peg, contact us to see how we are a fit.

Every customer interaction can unlock new opportunities. If your current outsourcer does not have the key to unlock your customer potential, contact us, we have the key.

They Can’t Get Fulfillment Out Quickly.

The faster you fulfill a request, the more likely a person is to become a customer. Yet many contact centers don’t promptly and accurately address fulfillment requests.

At TMP Direct, we have staff whose first responsibility is to get your literature out correctly and fast. It’s also their job to manage your literature inventory, so we don’t run out of your materials.

Plus, seasonal or promotional fluctuations are not a problem: we have flexible staffing models that ensure fast and accurate fulfillment of all our clients’ literature.

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