Industries & Markets

The internal customer care center of a major appliance manufacturer was drowning in the volume of calls that were escalated to them by two large outside vendors. By outsourcing their most difficult calls to TMP Direct’s “white glove” CSRs, they were able to achieve 99% satisfactory resolution for caller.

The only thing worse than having to recall a product is not handling the recall well. You need enough trained customer care agents to handle inquiries quickly, politely and efficiently. Plus, you’ll need excellent reporting capabilities so you can meet consumer protection agency guidelines. In short, with TMP Direct on your side during a product recall, you’re covered.

TMP Direct helps companies overcome challenges — in this case helping a client generate over $300,000 in incremental revenue.

Sometimes you have to dangle the carrot to help your sales channel partners see the opportunities ahead of them, in this case we helped create more value for the sales leads and lower costs.

With TV ads airing for a new product and their peak season on the way, the internal customer care department of a cooling products manufacturer was reaching a boiling point! The answer? Outsourcing customer care to TMP Direct, which can easily adjust to meet peak season staffing requirements.

When you help your client exceed their sales goal by over $1 million it is cause to celebrate and get out the marching band.

TMP Direct helps companies overcome challenges — in this case helping a client benchmark customer satisfaction levels and act upon voice-of-the-customer feedback after a merger.

Knowing where and how to find sales leads is more science than luck…even the smallest prospect databases can yield valuable sales opportunities and revenue.


Find qualified leads in an exhausted prospect file

A developer of manufacturing execution systems (MES) software modules that track parts and materials throughout the manufacturing process selected TMP Direct to identify, profile, and continuously generate highly qualified leads for direct sales force follow-up. These MES modules cost about $35,000 each.

TMP Direct identified that our real challenge was to (a) generate awareness of the product among potential buyers and (b) locate potential buyers in the elite group of 50-60 Fortune 500 multi-plant companies that were the only realistic prospects for this product. To further complicate matters, a previous direct marketing supplier had located a total of only 100 leads in the previous 12 months.

TMP Direct developed a nurturing program with three phases, all of which utilized a relational database for both long-term tracking and reporting on key contacts and sales:

  1. Profile 1200 prospects via an initial telephone contact, fulfillment mailing, and follow-up call
  2. Re-contact people who showed initial interest to asses their current needs and provide additional technical literature
  3. Periodic awareness-building mailings

As a result of this approach, 70 high quality leads were identified among the 1200 names within just three weeks of phase 1, plus new contacts were added to the database. After phase 2, 60 good leads were passed on. Additional leads resulted from phase 3 mailings.