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Our success stems from this philosophy: Every contact with your prospects and customers is an opportunity to nurture the relationship and help your company grow.

Throughout the relationship, we are listening and adapting to the needs of our Clients.

TMP Direct Customer Service Reps receive over 100 hours of training each year. This means that their knowledge of your products and their customer service expertise continues to grow.

Our Customer Service Reps will think like you, act like you and be part of the culture of your company.

It’s a seamless process… we are an extension of your organization.

We celebrate great service. A generous incentive program is only one of the many ways we develop excellent CSRs.

TMP Direct’s many services help you unlock the full potential of every contact — whether it comes by phone, email, mobile or the web.

As your partner, we are always searching for the best sales and customer relationship opportunities with every contact.


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TMP Direct to Attend Annual SOCAP Conference

TMP Direct will be attending the 2017 SOCAP Conference from October 22-25th in San Diego. The focus of this year’s conference is innovation and how to stay ahead of the curve on enhancements in technology impacting Customer Care.  Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Wilke Global Partnership Announced

TMP Direct is proud to announce our selection as a Gold Partner by Wilke Global. With the Wilke CRS and other applications, TMP Direct provides superior customer care to many Clients. We are excited to be recognized by this industry leader and to bring to our common Clients the latest innovations in the customer relationship industry.


The latest in Customer Care at the SOCAP Symposium

TMP Direct attended the SOCAP Spring Symposium in Chicago. The event provided insightful discussion and presentations on the latest trends and challenges in the world of consumer affairs. We brought actionable ideas back and are applying them to our Client programs and internal training efforts.

TMP Direct Attends New England SOCAP Event

TMP Direct recently attended the New England SOCAP chapter 2016 kick off event. This event was focused on how to measure customer satisfaction to improve your brand. The panel debated the most effective ways to put Customer Service Scoring to use inan organization providinga variety of insights and optionsto attendees.


TMP Direct Gets Proactive with Online Chat Services


TMP Direct has introduced new enhancements to our chat services, offering a better customer experience. Based on the i3 (Interactive Intelligence Inc.) omni-channel platform, TMP Direct developed a new process for interacting with the online customer. Through intelligent algorithms, our proactive chat will be able to detect specific online behaviors that will drive engagement with the consumer. Proactive chat will support our e-commerce partners to generate more sales and improve the customer experience on the service side. To learn about how proactive chat can work for you and all the services TMP Direct offers, call us today at 877-477-7845 or contact us here!