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Our success stems from this philosophy: Every contact with your prospects and customers is an opportunity to nurture the relationship and help your company grow.

Throughout the relationship, we are listening and adapting to the needs of our Clients.

TMP Direct Customer Service Reps receive over 100 hours of training each year. This means that their knowledge of your products and their customer service expertise continues to grow.

Our Customer Service Reps will think like you, act like you and be part of the culture of your company.

It’s a seamless process… we are an extension of your organization.

We celebrate great service. A generous incentive program is only one of the many ways we develop excellent CSRs.

TMP Direct’s many services help you unlock the full potential of every contact — whether it comes by phone, email, mobile or the web.

As your partner, we are always searching for the best sales and customer relationship opportunities with every contact.

Traits of the best call centers Part II

Traits of the best call centers Part II

The International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) is one of the call center industry’s most respected organizations. ICMI’s president, Brad Cleveland, wrote Call Center Management on Fast Forward: Succeeding in Today’s Dynamic Customer Contact Environment, in which he identified “Traits of the Best Managed Call Centers.”

Below is the second of a series of articles in which TMP Direct’s Mary Ann Kerr takes a look at how TMP Direct stacks up against Brad Cleveland’s list of best call center traits (bolded below).

“They build plans and services around evolving customer expectations.”

Successful call centers are advocates of change. They redefine and reshape the services they provide to meet the needs of customers. They see the benefit in frequent reviews of customer data, and they look forward to insight and feedback.

At TMP Direct, we embrace this philosophy. Frequent, regularly scheduled “call calibrations” provide our Call Center Management Team with client feedback about our call handling procedures and abilities. At these sessions, we often brainstorm about new scripting or product information at these sessions.

In order to understand the changing needs and expectations of our Clients customers, we also provide research services. The amount of information that can be learned from a simple customer satisfaction or purchase cycle survey can be significant. We often suggest that email, online and phone surveys be offered to ensure that we are communicating using the customer’s preferred method. Survey results have even changed our clients’ packaging, merchandising, scripting and customer service policies.

“They view the call center as a total process and recognize that the process is responsible for most quality problems.

Successful call centers review procedures with an eye toward efficiency. We develop tools and training materials to drive up productivity and quality. We measure results daily and monthly, then look at the data to help us make decisions that maintain customer satisfaction while reducing costs through increased efficiencies.

The customer service process is part of a bigger process. Successful call centers understand the larger goals of their clients and set their processes to strive toward them. The call center cannot be seen as a stand-alone entity, but rather a life-supporting organ within the body of the organization.

As an extension of our clients organizations, TMP Direct Customer Service Representatives are trained to understand the goals, procedures and plans of our client companies. Open, frequent communication is key to success. We know that our services are part of larger goals — such as increased sales, customer satisfaction and retention.

“They identify the technologies that further the mission of the organization, and implement them with foresight, planning and training. And They get the budget and support they need.”

TMP Direct ownership invested over $500,000 into our call center infrastructure in 2008. This investment expanded our seat capacity and upgraded our agent systems. Implementation of a Citrix environment allows us to more efficiently manage desktops and data. An upgrade of our Interactive Intelligence, Inc. (I3) phone system software allows us to more effectively route, supervise and monitor customer contacts.

Our Senior Management is committed philosophically and financially to remain a cost effective provider of high quality customer care services to our clients.

Posted February 10th, 2010 in Newsletters.