Our People

“Customer service people are a company’s eye’s and ears. They’re an irreplaceable source of essential marketing insights.” Dan Collins, President

“You will not regret working with us. We do as good a job as anyone — and much better than most.” George Eisele, Chief Executive

“Our approach to outbound is very strategic; this is why we have clients that have turned to us for outbound support for over 18 years.” Vivienne Reise, Contact Center Manager

“Our very low rate of employee turnover is one of the reasons why we’re able to provide consistently high quality service.” Mary Ann Kerr, VP Client Operations

“Our operations team focuses on process efficiencies bringing value and savings to our clients.” Mike Doherty, Operations Manager

“We are very proud that to maintain an attrition rate that is less than half of the industry.” Tiffany Dechant, Contact Center Manager

“One of the most impressive things about TMP Direct is that everyone places a very high value on doing jobs well.” Bob Curtis, IT Director

“This is a great group of people at TMP Direct. We’re like a family.” Amy Rucker, Director Client Services

Bob Curtis, Senior Vice President, IT

Senior Vice President – Technology & Services

Q.? What do you do at TMP Direct?

A.?? The essential goal of my position is to get clients more timely access to their data? in whatever form they want it – web, email, or mobile.? I also make sure that we?re delivering data in formats that make it easy for clients to easily use the data, such as adding data directly into their own systems, receiving data in real-time from their systems, or utilizing client or cloud based CRM databases.

Q.? How did you get into this field?

A.?? I started writing code in high school.? We were lucky enough to have a DEC mini-computer ? this was long before PCs.? I found out early in my freshman year what my passion was and never looked back.? I spent the first part of my career focusing on software development for the financial industry.? Along the way I started merging my background in software development with systems management and design.

Q.? What are the big changes in IT that you?ve seen over the years?

A.?? There have been so many. I?m fortunate to be involved in IT at this time in history.? Processing power improvements are made in months, not decades.? In the past 30 years I?ve seen the rise of the mainframe, the birth of the PC, and the development of the Internet. Today, mobile is the next frontier in computing.? Mobile offers the combined power of today?s desktop PC and the Internet into something that fits into your pocket, now users have access to more knowledge than ever before, anywhere, anytime.? Tying this all together with traditional computing environments is the challenge for today?s IT teams.

Q.? What changes would you like to see?

A.?? Data is being underutilized.? Companies have massive amounts of data on their customers and prospects, but many companies simply are not producing the business intelligence they need from the data they have.? I?d like to see more companies focused on understanding the data they have, so they can seek out the data they really need and get it into the hands of the people who need it to make decisions. My team specializes in data integration, both within TMP Direct and directly with our clients databases.? This is becoming easier for us to accomplish and is offering real value to our clients.

Q.? What?s your biggest goal for TMP Direct?s future?

A.?? We?re already able to anticipate what kinds of data our clients need, and we build reports that regularly deliver that information.? The whole data industry is moving towards web-based ad hoc querying tools that are intuitive to use and at the same time provide powerful real-time analysis.? This anywhere, anytime approach to data access is the direction we?re moving in.? The data we collect belongs to our clients and providing them with the tools they need for data access and analysis is our primary mission.? The challenge of mobile computing, where the technology can assist in our mission, is our focus for the future.? We feel that seamless integration into mobile applications and services will greatly enhance the client experience and add value to our services.

Q.? What would your dream job be?

A.?? Actually, I already have it.? Personally, I truly enjoy learning about business models and processes; what makes a company or product a market leader.? TMP Direct offers me the ability to do that with each of our clients every day.? Finding innovative ways to solve business problems and add value to services is what I really do.? Each new client and project offers my team the ability to find the right solution to the problem at hand.? When we do it right, our fellow employees have the tools necessary to perform the task at hand and clients get the benefit of great service and support.

Q.? Tell me a little about yourself.

A.?? I love live music, just about any genre you can think of.? Before focusing on information technology full time I was a sound engineer for local bands and at a club in NYC called Wetlands Preserve.? Today I work with bands, small to medium sized theaters and music festivals to allow them to sell tickets and merchandise both online and at shows at low cost – and showing them how to provide great customer service all at the same time (a skill picked up working here).? I have a wife and 5 children and we enjoy RV camping and traveling around this magnificent country exploring parks and historic sights.? Although?if you need a semi-retired sound engineer, give me a call – my headphones and I are ready to go.