Need a Partner Change?

A square peg does not fit into a round hole. You can make it fit, but it won’t work. If your outsourcer is the square peg, contact us to see how we are a fit.

Every customer interaction can unlock new opportunities. If your current outsourcer does not have the key to unlock your customer potential, contact us, we have the key.

They’re Frustrating to Work With.

We have processes in place that our current clients tell us work very smoothly, and effectively. Clients have literally said that they sleep better at night knowing we’re handling their Program.

At the beginning of your relationship with TMP Direct, we’ll identify with you every requirement of your Program to ensure we understand exactly what you expect. You’ll have your own Account Team who will handle daily requests and make sure that our commitments to you are met. Your Program will also be part of our quality assurance program. And regular reporting on a wide variety of topics shows you that we’re delivering exactly what we promised.

In addition, the long tenure and high level of experience of our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) means that your Program is in very good hands.